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For active athletes

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Muscle pumping is side effect of exercise and its achievement in training is a sign that everything is going well! In addition to the fact that increased blood circulation in the muscles affects positively on mental health of the human, to achieve it is necessary if your goal is to maximize muscle mass growth. Why? More blood = more nutrients and more building material.

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Amino Essence

If you are going to build your house, you will not do it without good-quality material. The same it’s also when building the muscle. To achieve the figure of your dreams, you can’t do it simply without proteins. Now we do not mean only consuming of a big amount of meat, eggs and curd, but we also mean supplements that are able to reverse the state of catabolism after exhausting training, and to cause anabolic processes in the body. These are amino acids, basic building units, which are irreplaceable and necessary in sport’s nutrition.

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