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transport of building materials necessary to start recovery processes

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KAMIKAZE Extreme Pump – the king of pre-workouts

The category of pre-workout supplements is still relatively young in comparison with other supplements. Trying to get the biggest blood flow in the muscles is important from several reasons. Increased blood flow provides:

  • increased intake of nutrients to the muscles,
  • transport of building materials necessary to start recovery processes,
  • more oxygen to working muscles,
  • increase in muscle volume.

This phenomenon is not about the visual effect, but about internal process that takes place in the muscles. In the available literature you can read that behind muscle pumping are mainly carbohydrates (their sufficient amount in the form of glycogen) and well-designed training plan.

If you want to experience what it’s like muscle cracking from the reason of a huge blood flow, you can still include pre-workout into training process. Its main role is to stimulate and provide blood flow in the muscles, to delay fatigue and provide basic substances needed to hydrate the organism. If you already tried the pre-workout, and you have not found the right one until now, we have one tip for you.

KAMIKAZE Extreme Pump is unbeatably the best product in its category. It contains verified ingredients, which provide increased production of nitric oxide such as AAKG, Citrulline Malate or the world’s new ingredient Agmatine Sulfate. The last mentioned ingredient took over the leading from “traditional” pumping assistants.

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