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Jeden z najsilnejších SARM produktov

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IBUTA GROWTH – Warrior Labz

This was an unrealistic dream a few years ago, now it’s reality. One of the strongest products for the growth of muscle mass containing MK-677 (SARM) is available for you today.

S- Selective




SARM is a completely new category of specialised products designed for the enhancement of sports performance (growth of muscle mass and strength). They contain androgens, which are a special type of hormones that work like ligands (molecule joint with another molecule), that connect to cell receptors of the androgen. These receptors are integrated in a combined signal pipeline, thus leading to a larger expression of individual genes.

It has been proven in scientific studies that SARM is strongly anabolic (positively affect the growth of muscle mass and strength, helps speed up the regeneration process and improves the health of the motion apparatus). By taking SARM, there is no risk of any negative side effects, as when you apply anabolic substances. Pharmaceutical companies have noticed these significant attributes and a lot of them are working on new studies aiming to classify SARM as an official drug against muscle dystrophia, obesity and osteoporosis. It’s completely obvious that after the first official SARM results appeared, they became the subject of interest to dietary supplement companies. SARM are currently products that are most in demand.

Ingredients of IBUTA GROWTH

MK-677 – or nutrobal, is a representative of the SARM category that has a positive effect on increasing the level of the growth hormone by hypophysis. Its strength is often compared to exogenic growth hormones. Thanks to MK-677 you will gain bigger and improved quality muscles; your strength will grow, and you will reduce the amount of your body fat. Ideal tri combination for bodybuilding.

The effective mechanism of MK-677 lies in affecting the increase of hormone secretion - the growth hormone and IGF-1 is included and it doesn’t increase the level of cortisol in the body. The increased secretion of these hormones has these benefits:

·         Growth of muscle mass and strength

·         Improved stamina

·         Fat reduction

·         Faster regeneration

Scientific studies have proven that people using MK-677 gained new muscle mass without them gaining any fat, which is a very important attribute.

Cordyceps extract – contains various biologically active substances, like:

·         Polyamines

·         Peptides

·         77 micro and macro elements

·         Vitamin B1, B2, B12, E and K

·         All essential amino-acids

·         Glutamate, L-tryptophan, L-arginine and lysin, d-mannitol, ergosterol and alkaloid derivates

Cordyceps contains also 80 types of enzymes (including the Q10 co-enzyme), fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids) and sterols. The first written mention of Cordyceps comes from China, 620 years BC., during the Tchang dynasty.

The benefits of using Cordyceps:

·         increases the ATP level

·         increases the secretion of testosterone and the growth hormone

·         improves the use of oxygen

·         Strengthens the perception of energy levels

Zinc – plays an important role in activities with more than a hundred enzymes. It is irreplaceable for creating proteins and nucleic acids. Takes part in producing insulin. It is important for healthy growth, development of the reproductive organs, normal function of the prostate and wound and burn healing. Zinc is present in a small amount in several foods, mainly rich on protein, like for example lean meat, liver, milk, egg yolks and sea fish. Together with magnesium and vitamin B6 it produces MA, which affects the level of the growth hormone.

Vitamin D - a compound of ingredients creating Vitamin D were discovered in the beginning of the 20th century, that are famous for their anti-rachitic effects. It is considered more as a hormone than a vitamin, because the body creates it itself. When there is insufficient sun, you need to accept Vitamin D into your diet. Vitamin D improves glucose tolerance not only for diabetics, but it also decreases the risk of developing diabetes of the 1st type.

The L.A. Times labelled vitamin D as a “magic drug”. It helps when curing the following illnesses: diabetes, obesity, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, cancer, heart diseases and rheumatoid arthritis


Nutritional information
Size of one dose: 2 capsulesNumber of doses in one package: 45
Amounts in one dose %DV
MK-677 20 mg **
Cordyceps Extract 625 mg **
Zinc 30 mg **
Vitamine D 25 mcg **
** the daily amount is not stated
Other substances: magnesium stearate


As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule up to three times a day on an empty stomach. Drink with enough water. Do not use more than 12 weeks; a break of 2 weeks follows afterwards. New studies have shown significant benefits in long-term use of MK-677 (approx. 6 months). It is suitable to combine with pro-hormone products.


For use by adults only. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. If you suffer from a medical problem, consult a doctor about using this product.

If you start to feel side effects, stop using immediately. Do not exceed the daily dose. Keep away from children. Store in a dry and cold place.

  • adsf
    progression is coming along nicely. regaining size
  • adsf
    First time using this. Thank god I didn’t get stuck with regular creatine etc.
  • Jozef Racek
    Vor dem Winter hatte ich Massenaufbau und binnen 5 Woche habe ich Ibuta Grow, Ostapure, Anogenin und Epicat zusammen genommen. Ergebnis: fast 8 kg+ Ich hatte Angst, das meine Haut reißt. Hat eine sehr gute regeneration.
  • Randy Wilfong
    Ein exzellent Produkt das hilft mit Wachstum und regeneration.
  • Randy Wilfong
    A termékismertetőben leírtak mind igazak. Nagyon elégedett vagyok!
  • Randy Wilfong
    A termékismertetőben leírtak mind igazak. Nagyon elégedett vagyok!

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