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Subcutaneous fat reduction.

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Imagine a product which is extremely effective as well as extremely fast to induce reduction of subcutaneous fat. Many manufacturers guarantee the results of their products, but in fact, it is only a marketing game. We are different than our competition. For us, results and your satisfaction are the most important factors. Fat burner Chimaera will convince you about it!

Lose weight, define your muscles or simply get in the summer form! This is the goal of many people. It even seems that there are more such people than those who wish to gain muscle mass. If your goal is bodyweight reduction, the products from the category of fat burners are a great choice but you have to realize that without a balanced diet it won’t work. The common phrase that „food makes 60% of your success“ is not just a saying!

Suitable groceries:

Proteinschicken, turkey, beef, fish (cod, salmon, tilapia, tuna), egg white, protein preparations with a minimum protein content of 70%, sometimes defatted cottage cheese or cottage cheese.

Proteins play the most important role in loss of weight. They are a building material of muscles which they protect from catabolism. During pre-contest training, athletes usually increase the intake of protein up to 3g per kg of body weight. Wanting to lose weight and consume very little of proteins at the same time is like driving a car 100km without gasoline. If you deliberately go hungry believing it will help you lose weight faster, you are mistaken. You might lose weight but you will burn muscles and your fat will remain. The result of this kind of weight loss is a figure that looks even worse than it did at the beginning.

Carbohydrates - Oatmeal, Rice, Potatoes, Exceptionally Fruit and Whole-grain Bread

Carbohydrates are the main energy component of a diet. It is not just fat, but mainly a surplus of carbohydrates in the diet that makes people obese. Being able to regulate the amount of carbohydrate in the diet is the key to your success. Simply put, count your daily calorie intake. If you are successful in losing weight, you should keep your daily intake, but if you are still struggling with the pounds you should reduce carbohydrates. The optimum amount at the beginning of the diet program should be 4-6 g carbohydrates per kilogram of weight.

Fats - walnuts, para nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, salmon, olive oil

Even though people say fat is bad for the figure, it plays an important role in the process of losing weight. You simply have to choose the right ones. Fat is significant for the secretion of important hormones as well as providing your body with energy and strength.

Components of the product Chimaera:

Caffeine – often comes in various formulations to promote weight loss. Caffeine, together with other natural substances, belongs to the group of compounds known as alkaloids.

Alkaloids are most often found in plants. By its chemical structure, caffeine belongs to the groups of purine xanthine derivatives, which also includes the substance theobromine (the plant Theobroma cacao) or the substance teophylline. The reasons for why caffeine has earned its place are the following:

  • Provides stimulating effects
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves and enhances athletic performance
  • Reduces muscle pain
  • Promotes fat reduction (increases thermogenesis)

Studies have shown that caffeine suppresses fatigue and can significantly activate human mind. It contributes to the release of glycogen in the liver and accelerates fat metabolism. It also increases recovery after physical performance. If you are used to having a cup of coffee right before training, you do well - a number of scientific studies have shown that administration of caffeine before an activity improves overall performance.

Yohimbine – is a substance that has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Its crust is used as an aphrodisiac (helps cure erectile dysfunction). It is also often used during magical ceremonies – particularly at weddings; its use represents the final confirmation of the wedlock. It has gained its strong position in the world of nutrition supplements mainly because of its synergic. Simply put, those supplements which contain yohimbine really work.

The bark extract prevents blood clotting, which helps the prevention of heart attack. It can be used as an aphrodisiac by both men and women. The studies have also confirmed its antioxidant effects.

In power athletes, it evokes a state of indescribable pleasure. Yohimbine selectively blocks presynaptic as well as postsynaptic alpha-2 adrenoceptors. By blocking of adrenergic receptors in CNS, it increases the catecholamine levels in the brain and affects serotonin levels, which means that it has an antidepressant effect.

1-[1-(4-chlorophenyl)cyclobutyl]-N,N,3-trimethylbutan-1-amine hydrate hydrochloride – also known as sibutramine is a compound which has been used since the 80s to treat obesity. Simply put, sibutramine is an appetite suppressant. It contains two substances:

Norepinephrine – causes stress on your body, thereby increases the weight loss

Serotonin – has soothing properties and suppresses appetite

Sibutramine is an effective aid in the treatment of obesity in patients whose BMI (body mass index) is 30. It acts in the brain, where it suppresses felling of hunger and increases satiety. It is also worth mentioning its positive impact on energy expenditure.

Best results are achieved if combined with a high-quality diet and increased physical performance. It has not psycho-stimulating or addictive effects.


Manufactured as a dietary supplement. Take one to three capsules a day on an empty stomach. Take with plenty of water. Due to its stimulative effects, it is recommended not to take after 5pm. If your goal is fat reduction or muscle definition, it is recommended to be combined with the following products: Eshred, Tren6, Vengeance, ot Viking. Suitable to be combined with all products from the following categories: gaining the muscle mass, building the volume.


Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60
Amount per serving %DV
CHIMAERA Proprietary blend 245 mg**
Caffeine, Yohimbine, 1-[1-(4-chlorophenyl)cyclobutyl]-N,N,3-trimethylbutan-1-amine hydrate hydrochloride
** Daily value not established
Other ingredients: magnesium stearate, silica, titanium dioxide

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